Too many videos bore their audience.
We fix that.

1500+ Videos
$100M+ ROI
50+ Clients

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The video agency you have been looking for.

The best of a creative agency and video production company all in one place.

not average video company

Not your average video co

The best of both worlds: marketing and video production. Expert lead gen strategy meets the best content creation. Communicate your company, service, or product's value with a high degree of precision and creative flair.

production company

End-to-end Management

Don't settle for less. With over a decade of experience, we manage the production process with our top-tier talent. From briefing, creative development, scripting, production and post-production.

full service video marketing

Full service experience

Make your video work for you. Too many times the video is thought of as the project. We don't stop there. We provide expert-lead release strategies that leverage your content for maximal output.

The best addition to your marketing team, for every video need.

For over ten years we have created 1500+ videos to help companies reach their goals.

Video marketing that grows with you.

Flexible: Name Brand’s plans are built to allow video at scale, from startups to enterprise.Strategic: TV commercials, corporate videos, to training videos. Get an expert view on what kind of video content is right for your product and marketing strategy.

not average video company

Starting is easy

not average video company
not average video company

We connect, to better understand your company.
We learn about your team, skills, and ongoing video production needs.

Have videos produced on an ongoing plan, or on a single project.
We strategize what you need and scale based on your goals. If you're new to video production, we can start with one project first.

We bring the A-team together.
Our top-tier producers and project managers assemble the best team for your project through our USA-based network of the best video professionals.

We kick it off with our first session.
We go through out expert-driven process and adjust as we go, plus provide insight on how to be efficient and cost-effective in scaling your video production.

Schedule Your Free Video Consultation

• 1:1 Conversation with a marketing specialist
• Uncover new growth opportunities
• Get fresh ideas, next steps, and pricing
• LIMITED TIME – Create a free video with us ($1,500 value)
We got you covered. Let's connect and have a quick 30-minute conversation about your brand.

Amazing clients with awe-inspiring, damn good brands.

Commercials to consumers, B2B, a successful product launch, for years now sonnen trusts Name Brand to bring their vision to reality and engage their brand audience in fresh ways that revolutionizes their industry.

Elliott Davis strives to bring creativity in a space filled with lines and numbers. From a show featuring one of the only astronauts alive who walked on the moon, to someone who survived being immersed in flames, to a series of videos designed to connect each of their departments, Name Brand and Elliott Davis create compelling content that engages and motivates not only their company, but also their clients and partners. And during the pandemic, Name Brand and Elliott Davis sought new ways to engage their audience through virtual production.

Raising funds to grow your impact can be a daunting challenge. With incredible stories of transformation, the best approach is capturing those stories to share. Crafting a story is a skill many claim to have, but the proof is in the results. ELEOS raised $400,000 to purchase a home base and approached Name Brand again to tell another story for their sister organization–GOAT–to raise $450,000 for another project.

We believe agencies that "do everything" lack in what they really achieve. Our expertise is a wholistic approach.Create and develop brands how modern audiences want to engage with them: compelling copywriting, stunning photography, and binge-worthy video.

Our talented team of storytellers and ad specialists will design a conversion-driven content marketing strategy using our expert tactics and lead generation experience.• Market deep-dive of your target audience and industry competitors• Content marketing strategy planning• Transparent ROI data and monitoring• Continuous campaign tracking

With a decade of experience, Name Brand understands how to create the best content tailored to your audience and your brand.• A robust team of creatives with 50m+ views and $100m+ in results• Captivating Video, Stunning Photography, & Creative Copy to win your audience• A process designed to be easy and fun, while keeping your creative input• A/B Testing to maximize results

Let Name Brand's team of marketing experts manage your business's personalized content distribution, from social media all the way to television. Reach your audience and get results.• Campaign Social Media management• Ad spend on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok• Transparent metrics with constant monitoring• Develop your name brand status

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